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We are glad to announce the publication of the volume of articles dedicated to Vernon Lee’s and other nineteenth century women’s political theory. This book gathers the selected proceedings of the two international conferences organised in Paris in October 2013 and March 2015 by Pr. Sophie Geoffroy (U. of La Réunion) and Pr. Michel Prum (U. Paris-Diderot-Sorbonne-Cité).

Women and Political Theory : Vernon Lee and Radical Circles

Content :


Vernon Lee e Gaetano Salvemini

Vernon Lee and Gaetano Salvemini

Being in Borders: Vernon Lee, Empathy and Pacifist Resistance

V. Lee and the Ford Sisters: varieties of socialism and trade unionism

Vernon Lee and Ednah Dow Cheney: Aesthetics, Art, and Affect

“War Work” and the Philosophy of Heroism: A. Mary F. Robinson Duclaux’s “Friendly Fire” with Marie Lenèru and Vernon Lee

The Unique Correspondence of Vernon Lee and Irene Forbes-Mosse in World War I: Women’s Friendship Transcending Enemy Lines

Vernon Lee, Paul Desjardins, Daniel Halévy and Romain Rolland 

Vernon Lee and Charlotte Perkins Gilman: the Anglo-American alliance on the “Woman Question”

A Tale of Two Americans, the History They Made, and a Comparison: Julia Ward Howe 1819-1910, Voltairine de Cleyre 1866-1912, and Vernon Lee 1856-1935

Mary Duclaux     

Sophie Geoffroy

Stefano Vincieri

Sophie Jorrand

Rachel Baldacchino

Marie Terrier

Therese B. Dykeman

Patricia Rigg

Christa Zorn

Sophie Geoffroy

Gabriella di Martino and Sole Alba Zollo

Therese B. Dykeman

Jacqueline Bayard-Pierlot

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