Dear readers,

It is an immense pleasure to announce the publication of:

Selected letters of Vernon Lee
1856 – 1935

Volume I

Edited by:

Amanda Gagel (Editor) & Sophie Geoffroy (Associate Editor)

© 2017 – Routledge

658 pages


Acknowledgments – ix

List of illustrations – xi

Introduction by Amanda Gagel – xiii

Editorial policy – xxvii

Historical note – xxxi

List of correspondents – xxxv

The Letters: 1865-1884 – 1

References – 617

Bibliography – 619

Index – 625

This critical edition gathers for the first time after A Gagel’s Doctorate Thesis, over 350 letters from 40 archives. Written in English, French, German or Italian, they have been translated into English when necessary by Christa Zorn (from the German), Crystal Hall (from the Italian) and Sophie Geoffroy (from the French). Numerous footnotes, notices and a 33-page index illuminate the reading of these exceptional letters.

Correspondants (vol. I):

Matilda Adams, Henry Ferguson Paget, Eugene Lee-Hamilton, (Agnes) Mary Frances Robinson (future Darmesteter, puis Duclaux), Henrietta Jenkin, Linda Villari, Cornelia Turner, Enrico Nencioni, Mario Pratesi, Angelo De Gubernatis, Pietro Fanfani, Carlo Placci, Telemaco Signorini, William Blackwood, Percy William Bunting, Thomas Hay Sweet Escott, Frances Power Cobbe, Marie Schüpbach (future Krebs).

We are particularly grateful to:

Patricia Burdick, Maggie Libby, and Erin Rhodes, at the Vernon Lee Archive in the Miller Library at Colby College, Maine.

The Angelli-Parretti family, and especially Federica Parretti and Stefano Vincieri of the Associazione Culturale Palmerino

Guillaume Fau, at the Bibliothèque Nationale de France in Paris, Manuscrits

Dr. Anne Manuel at the Vernon Lee Archive at Somerville College, Oxford

Dr. Corinna Jäger-Trees at the Bern Literary Archive

Alyson Price at the British Institute in Florence

Laura Desideri at the Gabinetto Vieusseux

Fiorella Superbi at Villa I Tatti

The British Library

The Bodleian Library, Oxford

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